hi trich

Hi, I am T.Rich.

My life story in a nutshell is my love for design, the web, and business which all started back in West Seattle as a child. Over the years, I have tried many attempts to perfecting my love for it all. Sadly it has come with many failures, but on the upside, I can always bring up that I won my 5th-grade elementary art poster contest.

I studied Business Management at BYU in Provo, Ut. Yes I am a practicing Mormon. I love everything to do with tech, startups, and sports. But hey, I have tried my fair share of everything. Including a professional surfing career (things didn’t work out). To put myself through college I contracted web design work. I was a beginner at first but I eventually got to a point as a freelance designer and front-end developer to be able to charge amounts I would never pay.

Finally after working for others for so long I decided to start my own business. I founded MatchMate.me in 2010 which eventually sold to a Microsoft company called LikeBright in 2013.

I graduated from BYU in 2013 and filled my time with a job after college at Tute Genomics, a genomics medical company. I worked there for a year until I got sick of working there. I wanted to do my own thing again so I started another company and co-founded DevMountain, a code boot camp located in Provo, Ut.

Enough about me. This blog is about my experiences, both the ups and the downs with in my career, design, web development, startups, family, and anything in between. I have had a lot of learning moments along the way and situations that I wouldn’t trade for a billion bucks. I want to share my life because hopefully from my stupidities you can find success.

Other than all of the previous abnormal things, I am just a regular guy.

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