My election day birthdays are below par. But it’s cool.

Hi. This is me on no sleep. Well, there was some sleep I guess. Just only between the hours of 3am-4am and 4:05am – 7:45am.

Here are the disclaimers: (1) I went to bed at 3 because I was doing some above average design work and I was just feeling the moment and if I stopped I would have gone back to the average design me. (2) There is a 5-minute window when I woke up from a dream involving a cow slaughterhouse and an island murder. (3) I was woken up at 7:45 from my wife who was frantically calling me about voting for today’s election day. She said she was rejected at our assigned polling place, so she made me ruffle through the garbage for a piece of paper that was taped to our door a week ago that had our designated polling place written on it. Amazingly, because of my history of rummaging through garbage, I found the paper. I told her to threaten to hack the polls if they didn’t let her in, but she wouldn’t do it.

The morning was a whole lot to do off no sleep and I’m ovah it. So I am cranky. Ugh, but no sleep is clearly rude. So I am sorry. I should have started by thanking you for coming and suffering through this boring blog, or even better, thank those who have voted today. Because that ish is important, but that’s not even what this post is about. However it seems like it is going to take over the topic of today’s post.

Originally I was going to post about my birthday tomorrow (I know, I’m vain). But while writing this I have found that there is a better topic afoot.

Every 4 years my birthday is overshadowed by our country’s presidential election. Even right now, as we speak, this blog post is suffering from the same disease…election-over-shadowing-itis. There is no cure for it. We just have to let it take it’s course.

I am not blaming anyone because I actually ignore my birthday on those days too. And if it was someone else’s birthday on election day, I would ignore the crap out of it. I’m not saying we should forget about voting, election day, and our country because I’m all about it. But it would be majestic if I at least got a shout out from a candidate or something. “I promise to bring down taxes. Oh, and, happy birthday”. My klout rating would sky rocket!

Honestly my birthdays are pure awesome. Just the ones on or the day after president election days drift a bit. I just want the election day birthdays to be up to par, for their sake, because I could care less. I have this weird thing where I feel like my birthdays are living things and have feelings and prepare their whole miserable birthday life for their one day to shine. That being said, my election day birthdays are going through some deep depressions. I’m sorry little guys.

I guess I just need to put my life on hold for a year, because my most important birthdays have fallen on election years. This year is my 25th birthday, it’s tomorrow, and that’s a quarter of a century. I am now older than half the world (don’t believe me? Look). Then the last election date, 4 years ago, was on my 21st birthday! Then 8 years ago on Election Day, I was 17. Then before that my 13th. I was going through some serious puberty issues at the time and no one cared! Seventeen isn’t that important, but you catch my drift.

What my typical election birthday conversation looks like:

Someone:             Tyler, did you vote?
Me:                       Yea, I voted …oh… and today is my birthday
Someone:             Ok, who did you vote for?
Me:                       No. I said today is my birthday.                                                    Someone:             Turn the channel to fox news please.

What my dream election birthday conversation looks like:

Someone:             Tyler, did you vote?
Me:                       Please address me appropriately.
Someone:             Award winning birthday homie,, did you vote?
Me:                       Yes, I did.                                                                                     Someone:             Awesome. Happy birthday. Here is $100.

For those coming to this post thinking this had something to do with politics, I am very sorry. My titles can be sometimes very misleading. But to let you know I am thinking about you, here is a picture for your enjoyment:

I bet one of these guys will win.