Mormon Temple Drone Flight Video Footage in Washington DC

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Video from a Mormon Temple drone flight shows The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Temple as you’ve never seen it before.

Tony Collins says he was asked to fly his drone over the temple on Monday to capture footage of it from above.  He posted the video on YouTube of the Mormon Temple drone flight, which was shot on July 8th. The footage is honestly breathtaking and my hat goes off to Tony!

Make sure you watch the video in HD.

Ground was broken for the temple in December 1968, and it was dedicated in 1974. The gold-spired Washington D.C. Temple is a well-known landmark along the Capital Beltway in Kensington, Maryland. The beauty of this soaring edifice is enhanced by a reflection pond near the visitors’ center and a spouting water feature at the temple entrance.

The Temple sits on 52-acre wooded site. Ground was broken for the temple in December 1968, and it was dedicated in 1974.

Washington DC LDS Temple

Why Duck Dynasty hit 11.8M viewers and Breaking Bad didn’t

Breaking Bad v. Duck Dynasty

This is my personal rationale trying to break down why Duck Dynasty hit 11.8M viewers and Breaking Bad didn’t.


For those who haven’t heard, Louisiana’s “Duck Dynasty” family set another cable-TV ratings record with Wednesday’s premiere of season 4 on A&E. A record 11.8 million viewers tuned in, making it the most watched non-fiction series in cable history.

“Breaking Bad” did great for AMC. Last Sunday they kicked off the final eight episodes which drew 5.9 million viewers, more than double the number who watched the opening episode last summer.

Being a fan of both of these shows I was actually very surprised by the numbers they both pulled. I was floored that comparatively Duck Dynasty was so high and that Breaking Bad was so low.

Breaking Bad v. Duck Dynasty

In my mind I see both shows as top contenders for the most popular currently running TV programs. I love me some Si Robertson “hey” and some Jesse Pinkman “b****”.

But why didn’t Breaking Bad keep up?

Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad was all anyone was talking about for the past few weeks. I swear every morning show, late-night show, the Internet, and even my social circles were anticipating episode 9 of season 5. Twitter near blew up during the super intense final scene. People like Rihanna were the ones tweeting about it.

But again, why didn’t Breaking Bad keep up?

Both shows have equally impressive Facebook Pages. Duck Dynasty has 5,445,774 likes with Breaking Bad close behind with 5,089,881. If the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter followers race is neck and neck then why isn’t Breaking Bad up in the 11 Million viewer range like Duck Dynasty?

Illegal Downloads

It comes down to one piece of modern day technology. Bit Torrents.

Figures collected by tech blog TorrentFreak indicate that plenty of viewers downloaded the Breaking Bad episode via torrent sites instead. The site claims that 80,000 people were sharing the episode within hours of it appearing online, and that torrented downloads had topped half a million within 12 hours.

Breaking Bad Illegal Downloads

Breaking Bad’s season premiere illegal downloads distribution world wide

That my friends is only counting downloads. Let alone how many viewers were watching each played copy or how many times each download was given to friends or family. I know every time I watch an episode of either show I wait for those I watch with to come over, pop some jiffy, and mold our butts to the couch. It’s a majestic time.

It’s also unknown how many people watched Breaking Bad on unlicensed streaming sites, which have become an increasingly high-profile headache for TV channels like AMC or A&E.

Duck Dynasty’s season premiere had less than 10% the illegal downloads that Breaking Bad’s received. The famous bittorrent site Pirate Bay can prove it. The most downloaded Duck Dynasty season 4 premiere torrent was downloaded 636 times. The most downloaded Breaking Bad season premiere torrent was downloaded 23,643 times and counting.

We have to take in account the type of viewers that each show is attracting.

Breaking Bad is a drama, about drugs, murder, and the DEA. Duck Dynasty is about duck calls, family life, and Si Robertson. You only need common sense to see that Breaking Bad is like a bone in front of a dog’s face to the hacker community. It is boils down to a stereotype that the type of person that illegally downloads is more likely to watch Breaking Bad.

This was unthinkable half a decade ago, but piracy is still far from defeated. Good or bad thing? Let me know in the comments below.


Duck Dynasty didn’t get the views because it is a better show.

If you ask me, Breaking Bad is more popular than Duck Dynasty. The only thing is that the numbers don’t show it. Tough break AMC. If it weren’t for illegal downloads, Breaking Bad would have been right up there with 11.8 Million viewers for it’s season premiere.

That being said, I don’t miss one episode of Duck Dynasty either.

Web Development Career Change – To Change Or Not To Change

Web Development Career Change

Recently I have been approached by many people who have asked me about DevMountain. They want to know if a web development career change is the right thing for them. For those who don’t know in a nutshell it is an after-hours, intense, web development school located in Provo where you’re trained and mentored by industry experts in 12 weeks to learn how to code.

Those asking me about DevMountain always ask the same follow up question about changing their career. I have had a handful of people saying that they hate their job and how every job posting they see is for a form of programming or tech job. They continue talking about how they aren’t exactly super-stoked about where their life might be headed if they continue on with their current employer.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have any sort of interest in web development I say shoot for it. It may be the perfect time for a web development career change. Honestly, I’ve seen more people start doing this thing called “web development” during their current 9-to-5 job and start not only loving it but making a serious living off of it. I know because I did it.

I’ve decided to post my brief story.


No I have never officially changed careers because I have never really officially had a career. I always dabbled in things that strike me as interesting. I graduated this last April from BYU and I haven’t even entertained the idea of a corporate career.

Through out college I had a job at a very respectable business here in Provo. I worked early morning hours and then went to school in the late afternoon. This job was a customer service call center. I hated this job. I literally remember wanting to be at school more than at my job (If you know me I hate school!).


While still working this call center job I met a local web developer who I had meet through my father. I expressed interest in learning how to code like him. Luckily for me this programmer had a love for teaching and after some heavy persuading he agreed to teach me.

We met according to his schedule and sometimes only once a week. But eventually he taught me enough to where I felt comfortable to code on my own. I put hours and hours into it everyday because I was so interested. I fell in love with the creation process and seeing the end product in the form of a lit up browser screen.


Before I knew it I bought my first hosting subscription and threw up my first website. I started to learn more and more and finally about 6 months later I found myself landing basic design/html/css jobs for local businesses.

I remember before my very first freelance job, the company wanting to hire me emailed me to ask how much I charged hourly. I had no clue, so naturally I Googled “web design hourly wage”. Google did nothing for me and I ended up telling the company that I charged $50 an hour. That company ended up hiring me. Then later they let me go 2 weeks later because I really honestly didn’t know that much.

I lowered my hourly rate and continued grabbing freelance jobs every chance I could. As my skills went up, so did my pay.


The point of that story isn’t to endorse lying your way into getting a job. The point is to show you that companies are in dire need of web developers of any kind. The point is to show you that these skilled can be learned no matter at what point you are in your life or career.

Sure, it’ll take a commitment on your part and some serious motivation to get started, but it’s not like you’re using any of that energy in your current job, right?

Here are some ways that I think you could take “baby steps” to becoming a world class web developer. To be clear, you don’t have to be an expert to make money or pivot your career.


Here are some resources for you to check out to start building your foundation:


w3schools was my best friend when starting out. It is a coding wikipedia. w3schools has a reputation of not keeping updated with best practices and coding techniques. That is a bit true but it is still a great resource to keep close by.


Codecademy teaches you html, css, and other programming languages basics for free. It literally is $0. Sign up and start the Web Fundamentals course and you’ll be slinging code in no time.

Other tools that are online self-teaching like Codecademy:


Or if you are super serious about it and want to learn quick look into personalized real classroom setting web development schools. Like the one on one lessons I had, this is the way that I learned. I am a hands on learner and this was perfect for me. Schools like:

I think anyone can have a successful career, one that is incredibly satisfying and that creates value for huge amounts of people. Life is far too short to be doing stuff that you dread and it’s time to do something about it.

I am a firm believer in working in something that you not only love but are passionate about; and at the same time working in something that realistically makes money. We all have to support someone, even if that someone is ourselves.

Many of us are stuck in dead-end jobs that are incredibly difficult to be passionate about. In fact, you may literally groan at every green light on your way to work because you just don’t want to go that bad (I’ve been there).

Get started in web development, you’ll be glad you did!

Things in life I may never understand.

There are some things in life you will never understand no matter how hard you try, and its better just to leave them as they are. If you do not you are going to spend your whole life over thinking every little thing that happens, and be left with no time to figure yourself out. When this happens you are going to be like a confused Justin Bieber.

I don’t understand people who enjoy running a marathon. Honestly, you pay money to run. Sure maybe you get a medal but so does everyone else who runs the thing. I can see running marathons if you are honestly one of the best in you area or state. But if you are a Joe Schmoe, I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand cricket. But I respect it.

I don’t understand when people name their children generic names. In elementary school I remember thinking to myself “If I have to be referred to as Tyler R. one more time…”

I don’t understand whitey tighties. The male underwear that are like women underwear. I don’t know why they were ever invented.

I don’t understand the incredible popularity of Twilight amongst even adults. I have not read the books and I’ve watched a few of the movies and yeah they were way over my head. I reckon I would have absolutely loved them if I was a 12 year old school girl.

I don’t understand this Korean dating site. Not seriously, I don’t understand it, if you speak korean leave me a comment.

The point of this post is to shed some light on the fact that there are things in life that we will not understand. I try to respect that people have desires, goals, and interests that are totally in conflict with mine. Including people who believe in doing things completely different than me like watching Gossip Girl. I know that there is a path that led us all to the choices that we make. But, I am not you, and you are not me. Everyone has their opinion and way in life.

I’m a lazy blogger

I have had absolutely no time to blog lately. Hence I haven’t for about 3 weeks. So I am writing just to prove that there is still life here…

My election day birthdays are below par. But it’s cool.

Hi. This is me on no sleep. Well, there was some sleep I guess. Just only between the hours of 3am-4am and 4:05am – 7:45am.

Here are the disclaimers: (1) I went to bed at 3 because I was doing some above average design work and I was just feeling the moment and if I stopped I would have gone back to the average design me. (2) There is a 5-minute window when I woke up from a dream involving a cow slaughterhouse and an island murder. (3) I was woken up at 7:45 from my wife who was frantically calling me about voting for today’s election day. She said she was rejected at our assigned polling place, so she made me ruffle through the garbage for a piece of paper that was taped to our door a week ago that had our designated polling place written on it. Amazingly, because of my history of rummaging through garbage, I found the paper. I told her to threaten to hack the polls if they didn’t let her in, but she wouldn’t do it.

The morning was a whole lot to do off no sleep and I’m ovah it. So I am cranky. Ugh, but no sleep is clearly rude. So I am sorry. I should have started by thanking you for coming and suffering through this boring blog, or even better, thank those who have voted today. Because that ish is important, but that’s not even what this post is about. However it seems like it is going to take over the topic of today’s post.

Originally I was going to post about my birthday tomorrow (I know, I’m vain). But while writing this I have found that there is a better topic afoot.

Every 4 years my birthday is overshadowed by our country’s presidential election. Even right now, as we speak, this blog post is suffering from the same disease…election-over-shadowing-itis. There is no cure for it. We just have to let it take it’s course.

I am not blaming anyone because I actually ignore my birthday on those days too. And if it was someone else’s birthday on election day, I would ignore the crap out of it. I’m not saying we should forget about voting, election day, and our country because I’m all about it. But it would be majestic if I at least got a shout out from a candidate or something. “I promise to bring down taxes. Oh, and, happy birthday”. My klout rating would sky rocket!

Honestly my birthdays are pure awesome. Just the ones on or the day after president election days drift a bit. I just want the election day birthdays to be up to par, for their sake, because I could care less. I have this weird thing where I feel like my birthdays are living things and have feelings and prepare their whole miserable birthday life for their one day to shine. That being said, my election day birthdays are going through some deep depressions. I’m sorry little guys.

I guess I just need to put my life on hold for a year, because my most important birthdays have fallen on election years. This year is my 25th birthday, it’s tomorrow, and that’s a quarter of a century. I am now older than half the world (don’t believe me? Look). Then the last election date, 4 years ago, was on my 21st birthday! Then 8 years ago on Election Day, I was 17. Then before that my 13th. I was going through some serious puberty issues at the time and no one cared! Seventeen isn’t that important, but you catch my drift.

What my typical election birthday conversation looks like:

Someone:             Tyler, did you vote?
Me:                       Yea, I voted …oh… and today is my birthday
Someone:             Ok, who did you vote for?
Me:                       No. I said today is my birthday.                                                    Someone:             Turn the channel to fox news please.

What my dream election birthday conversation looks like:

Someone:             Tyler, did you vote?
Me:                       Please address me appropriately.
Someone:             Award winning birthday homie,, did you vote?
Me:                       Yes, I did.                                                                                     Someone:             Awesome. Happy birthday. Here is $100.

For those coming to this post thinking this had something to do with politics, I am very sorry. My titles can be sometimes very misleading. But to let you know I am thinking about you, here is a picture for your enjoyment:

I bet one of these guys will win.


“Allow me to re-introduce myself” – Jay-Z

My last blog post was boring, and I forgot to establish who I am or what I am going to do on this thing. This will most likely turn into a blog about page. So, here it goes.

Hello, I’m trich. But you can call me t-rich. You say it like “tee-riCH”. It’s like a rapper’s nickname he got from his home boys. Not like trich, or T.R.I.C.H. There is just a lot of confusion and I thought I would set things straight, because I just don’t want any guesses.

Hopefully it will be a honor to meet you. Welcome to my sweet world of awesome. I’m just a regular strength man, and actually probably less than average, with extra strength capabilities. Once upon a time I was a nobody, but then I found the internet, and the lush power it holds. Follow me through my journey of barking orders to my computer so it will spit out awesomeness in the form of blog entries.

Around my house I am the king of my mac book and the random insects that decide to stroll in. Other than that, I am ruled, by the one I love. Some would say I chose “death by marriage” but I say “it’s the best choice I ever made”. I live in the Provo suburbs. Yes that’s possible, it’s called Orem. I live with my wife. Sometimes she wishes that I didn’t, purely because sometimes I yell out loud words like “poop” and “WHHHAAAA?”.

This blog’s goal is to help everyone to find a way to have both your cake and eat it to. Except not at the same time, because that is just impossible. Because first you have it, then you eat it. You have my permission to take these blog entries and turn it into a book, and make millions. I get 89.3% of all profits though.

Have a good time here. Cheers. If you are looking for the other trich, look here.

Keeping It Simple

I have finally updated my website! Hence this new blog feature that you are currently reading on. I’ve been wanting to do some tweaks here and there for at least the last 6 months, but I just hadn’t found the time. Between BYU and MatchMate, sometimes I just want to shove spiders down my throat due to the lack of time. But finally, at the cost of my wife’s boredom, this last friday and saturday I sat down and cranked it out.

While throwing down the lines of code and pixel making in illustrator, I found a theme I really wanted to stick with…keeping it simple. I really didn’t want much of anything happening. I just wanted it so dumb that I could even get what was going on. And I wanted it so cool that I wanted my friends to say “woah, that’s cool”. Not just internet friends, but my real friends, like people i’ve actually seen and touched (not like really touched, you know what i mean).

I feel like alot of sites on the web are doing the same thing. This site is awesome, and this one too. That’s the kind of design i’m talking about. I’ve always dreamed of creating a site that gets some attention and traffic. Trust me, from someone who thrives on internet attention, it hasn’t happened yet.

Cross my fingers.