“Allow me to re-introduce myself” – Jay-Z

My last blog post was boring, and I forgot to establish who I am or what I am going to do on this thing. This will most likely turn into a blog about page. So, here it goes.

Hello, I’m trich. But you can call me t-rich. You say it like “tee-riCH”. It’s like a rapper’s nickname he got from his home boys. Not like trich, or T.R.I.C.H. There is just a lot of confusion and I thought I would set things straight, because I just don’t want any guesses.

Hopefully it will be a honor to meet you. Welcome to my sweet world of awesome. I’m just a regular strength man, and actually probably less than average, with extra strength capabilities. Once upon a time I was a nobody, but then I found the internet, and the lush power it holds. Follow me through my journey of barking orders to my computer so it will spit out awesomeness in the form of blog entries.

Around my house I am the king of my mac book and the random insects that decide to stroll in. Other than that, I am ruled, by the one I love. Some would say I chose “death by marriage” but I say “it’s the best choice I ever made”. I live in the Provo suburbs. Yes that’s possible, it’s called Orem. I live with my wife. Sometimes she wishes that I didn’t, purely because sometimes I yell out loud words like “poop” and “WHHHAAAA?”.

This blog’s goal is to help everyone to find a way to have both your cake and eat it to. Except not at the same time, because that is just impossible. Because first you have it, then you eat it. You have my permission to take these blog entries and turn it into a book, and make millions. I get 89.3% of all profits though.

Have a good time here. Cheers. If you are looking for the other trich, look here.

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