Keeping It Simple

I have finally updated my website! Hence this new blog feature that you are currently reading on. I’ve been wanting to do some tweaks here and there for at least the last 6 months, but I just hadn’t found the time. Between BYU and MatchMate, sometimes I just want to shove spiders down my throat due to the lack of time. But finally, at the cost of my wife’s boredom, this last friday and saturday I sat down and cranked it out.

While throwing down the lines of code and pixel making in illustrator, I found a theme I really wanted to stick with…keeping it simple. I really didn’t want much of anything happening. I just wanted it so dumb that I could even get what was going on. And I wanted it so cool that I wanted my friends to say “woah, that’s cool”. Not just internet friends, but my real friends, like people i’ve actually seen and touched (not like really touched, you know what i mean).

I feel like alot of sites on the web are doing the same thing. This site is awesome, and this one too. That’s the kind of design i’m talking about. I’ve always dreamed of creating a site that gets some attention and traffic. Trust me, from someone who thrives on internet attention, it hasn’t happened yet.

Cross my fingers.